Oscar S. Garcia leads the high speed aerospace transportation point-to-point industry. For over a decade, he has harnessed the industries insights, needs, priorities and issues through collaboration with most relevant stakeholders.

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Oscar S. Garcia
InterFlight Global
Chairman & CEO

Oscar S. Garcia, MBA, ATP

Oscar Garcia, since 1992, is the Chairman and CEO of InterFlight Global Corporation, a world leading air and space transportation consultancy headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA.

Oscar’s commercial space transportation career spans well over a decade and is primarily focused on the high speed aerospace Point to Point (P2P) global transportation industry. His education as an Aerospace Engineer at San Diego State University, is complemented by a Graduate MBA degree in Aerospace Business from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

He also is an accomplished ex-airline pilot with two global international carriers, research and safety analyst professional, air and space transportation professional standards leader and a strategic, economic, financial and business development consultant.